Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My First Blog!!

Okay so now I have a blog. I'm not really good at keeping the family updated on my family so maybe this will help. So far the family has been doing good we are keeping busy with the company, Red Mesa Electric and our other baby which happens to be raising bucking bull's and mama cow's with there babies, it's called Bowdy Bucking Bull's, yes we named it after our only son Bowdy. We have a herd of about 30 all together, we really like seeing the new babies when spring arrives it keeps us busy way out here in the west.

Shane is the main one that stays busy with Red Mesa I dont do anything for it, but we both take care of all the animals we have together. Shane hauls the bulls back and forth to the bull ridings, he does not trust me enough to pull the truck and trailer, loaded down with bulls, down the road yet which is fine by me. He stays Busy all the time.

Up until April everyone was staying pretty healthy that is until I had a little bump that needed to be removed off my arm that I thought was a cysts, it ended up being a Spindle Cell Tumor that was cancerous so I had to have a surgey to remove the area that was cancerous the test came back good, it had not spread any further than that area, and I am very thankfull for that. Then last week I was in alot of pain so I went to the Hospital and found out that I had kidney stones, so now that's all cleared up and hopefully I stay healthy for the rest of the year, I tell ya the process of getting old is scary!

The girls are all doing good:

Chelcey will be leaving Ramah Elementary and going over to Ramah High School in August, she will be in the 6th grade, and belives that being in high school will make her a teenager. Boy how times fly.

Tatum will be in 4th grade in August, and she cant wait, she wants to play basketball next year. She is a very smart and brite girl and remembers everything. She is the all girl in the family, the princess.

Cassidy will be in the 2nd grade in August she is very outgoing and brave she will do anything that is asked of her. She has been competing in Wooly Riding since she was 3 years old and in the past 3 years has won 8 first place buckles including 2 at the finals in Las Vegas Nevada and 1 at the Gallup Lions Club Rodeo. This will be her last year competing so she said she is going out with a bang.

Now theres Bowdy our only boy who is all boy anything to with a train, race car, truck, tractor anything boyish he loves. He has learned to put up for himself with all these girls around. He will be able to start Pre-School or Head Start in August and wants to ride woolies like his big sister Cassidy.

So now that I have a Blog hopefully I will continue to keep everyone updated!! More to come!