Friday, January 23, 2009


We have got so much mud that it is CRAZY! Our road is completely washed out from all the run off from the barn and arena. Every year we get new gravel put down and every year it goes missing during this time of year but it has never been this bad, other years we could still drive down the road with out four wheel drive but this year it's four wheel drive all the way! This is the driveway to the house that we can not drive up. The news paper lady wont even deliver the news paper because it's so bad
This is the road to the barn that is still kinda good to drive on without getting stuck

This is what we have to drive through to get to the house. If you cant tell there is a ditch there filled with mud and water.

And just look at my poor Yukon XL it's covered in mud. I'm thinking that I should just have it painted to look like mud splatter then it would never look so dirty. I'm not going to be able to wash the thing till like May!
That's just GROSS!

And as if the mud wasn't bad enough there was so much snow sitting on the barn that it caved in one side of the horse stall's. Shane happen to be out feeding when this happened. So now, not only do we have to redo our rode this summer we are going to have to build a new barn because this one is starting to fall apart.

And as you can see our white Prime Time Heifers are turning a lovely mud color.

So if you end up not see us for awhile then you'll know that we are just swimming in mud!

My 32nd Birthday!

The kids thought it would be funny to put 32 candles on the cake and then add the number 32!

I had my 32nd Birthday on January 19th. I really didn't want to post anything about it because I really don't fill like I should be 32! We celebrated my birthday on Sunday January 18th because Shane was not busy and it is his only free day. The girls Shane and Bowdy made me dinner it was pot roast with potatoes, carrots, onions and we had salad it was very good and they made me a cake that turned out very good also.I bought my own birthday presents this year because it's just easier that way. I bought a new pair of furry boots that I love, a new camera that I needed, and a MP3 player that I wanted but Shane could not find. Carlene and Richard got me a new set of makeup bags, and I like those to. Look at all that smoke from all those candles!

Now to the other reason that we had my birthday a day early is because we had to go to a funeral on my birthday. A very good friend of ours was killed on January 14, 2009 in Arkansas while he was working when a 4 ton piece of pipe fell on him and killed him instantly. His name was Joseph Rhett Ansley, he did a lot for our rodeo and was always willing to help out. We were there from 9:30am to 3:00pm Shane was an Honorary Pall Bearer. Joseph's birthday is today January 23rd he would have been 49 years old.
Shane still took me on a date on my Birthday we went to Gallup and bought my other birthday present and it was a new mattress for our bed. We ate at Lotta Burger (I wasn't to hungry because we ate at the funeral) Then we went and saw the movie Marley and Me I thought it was a very cute movie Shane not so much he just said he liked it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cassidy's Baptism

Cassidy Charmayne Evans was Baptised and Confirmed a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on January 10, 2009. It was a big day for her and her family and we are all so proud of her.
Presiding: Bishop Tietjen
Opening Song: I Know My Father Lives
Opening Prayer: Chelcey Evans
Talk On Baptism: Grandpa, Richard Evans
Baptism Of Cassidy By Her Dad: Shane Evans
Talk On Holy Ghost: Grandma, Carlene Evans
Confirming Done By: Uncle Tom Evans
Closing Song: I Feel My Saviors Love
Closing Prayer: Tatum Evans

Cassidy, Mom, and Chelcey (The little girl is Chancey)
Dad and Cassidy

Cassidy her friend Hidie and Tatum in the back

After the Baptism we went over to Great-Grandpa's and GeeGee's house they were not able to make it so we made sure we went straight over there so they could see Cassidy.

Bowdy, Dad and Great-Grandpa

Cassidy and Great-Grandpa

Bowdy, Chelcey, Gee-Gee, Cassidy and Tatum

Great-Grandpa, Bowdy, Cassidy, Tatum amd Chelcey

Cassidy's 8th Bithday!

Wow! can you believe that this girl is 8 years old! I have a hard time believing it myself! So for her 8Th birthday she wanted to have a Hannah Montana party, of course what else would she have! She got to invite a lot of her friends and her some of her cousins they played Cassidy's says, Freeze Dance and got to pull strings on a Hannah Montana Guitar Pinata.
It was to cold outside to hang the pinata, not to mention that the backyard is still covered in snow up to my knees, so Shane just held it up and let the kids pull the strings. They all had a lot of fun with plenty of cake, ice cream and candy.

There were 16 kids in my house all together! 4 of them are M.I.A. in the picture.