Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You Tube!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we set up a You Tube account so we could post videos of the bulls bucking. There is also a video of Cassidy riding a woolie in Crownpoint, NM. So if you would like to check it out the web address is http://www.youtube.com/BowdyBuckingBulls There are 8 videos on there now and I will add more as time goes on so check it out whenever you get the chance.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bowdy & Kennedy Future Homecoming King & Queen?

Bowdy & Kennedy
I know Jen already posted pictures of Bowdy & Kennedy at the homecoming game but I wanted to post some of my own because I think they are so cute. I got a new camera because my other one decided to break so there for some of the pictures are a little dark because I forgot to turn the back light on, but they still turned out good almost like black and white pictures.
Bowdy was so excited to be on the Football Field and hold Mustang Sally's hand. I went and bought him a new suit because his old one was getting to small and I think he looked so handsome.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

And this little piggy died!

Well as most of you might know we raise our own beef and pig each year to take to the butcher. I have really liked raising our our own beef and pig because I always know what they are eating and they are not getting anything in them that can harm you or your family. Plus you pay to have it butchered once a year and you don't have to buy meat at the store besides chicken and hot dogs.
Well the story I'm trying to get at is we bought a pig about 3 weeks ago a good size one so we didn't have to feed him very long only about four to six weeks. (we grain not slop). The kid's named the pig Beacon, we always give them a name, the last one was Pork Chop. Well Beacon must have known his time was up because his new name soon became Pigdini. He mastered his way out of every pin we put him in, so there for we had phone calls from all over Ramah asking if we had a pig on the loose. He would be on one side of town and before we could get over to get him he would be on the other side. He even made his way out to Clawson Farm's which is pretty good way's down the road.
We did end up catching him or might I say Cassidy roped him one morning when her and Tatum went out to feed the horses. It had been awhile since they had went out so I went to go check on them and all I could hear was a pig squealing and the girls yelling that they roped the pig and then I see Cassidy being drug around the barn by this pig. Did I mention the pig was at least 200 pounds or more, Cassidy weights 51 pounds. And were was Tatum during all this? She was sitting on the fence telling Cassidy to drag him over to the pen!
The pig did get put back in a pen but one that we keep cows in and Cassidy was worried that he would get out so she tied him up in the pen and left him there very proud of herself that she caught the pig. Now it's not really a good thing to leave something tied up when you have dogs that like to torture the pig. Let's just say that this little piggy met his match when it came to a 7 year old girl that left him tied up around the neck.
(We did not butcher the pig)
R.I.P. Beacon!