Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Hawaii 2008

I finally got around to posting these pictures we had so much fun and did lots of thing's I loved snorkeling and the beach the most. It was very relaxing and we enjoyed every minute of it. We took so many pictures that I didn't know which ones to post so I put them all on a slide show for all to enjoy. I must say the helicopter tour was very scary to me and thought that at any minuet I would throw up, but I didn't and am glad we had the opportunity to do that because it really was beautiful from up in the sky. We also had a dinner cruise that was very funny because we were packed elbow to elbow on a mini 3 level cruise ship with a lot of people we just laughed about it the whole time and to top it off the dinner was awful. We were able to go the the Dole Pineapple Plantation and see how the pineapples are grown which I never knew that they grew on the ground I thought they grew in a tree we rode the Pineapple Express around the pineapple fields and had a good time. Shane said that the pineapples were so good and could not get enough of them. We also went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, it was neat to see all the different tribes and there cultures and to see all the dancing. We went to Sunset Beach it was very pretty there because we went right at sunset and it was beautiful. Needless to say we had a awesome time and almost wish it had never ended.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bowdy Shane Is 3 Years Old!

Playing with the train
Blowing out his 3 candles!
Wow Bowdy is 3 years old now I cant believe how fast the years went he's such a big boy now and likes to do everything on his own. He got to have a party with all his family and really enjoyed opening his presents his favorite is the toy train set he got from his Granny & Paw Paw that live in Alabama. He also liked the bucking bull set he got from his sisters. He also got a cowboy shirt from his Grandma & Grandpa Evans, a toy fishing pole with clay and a Thomas the train coloring book from Uncle Tom's family, some toy cars from Aunt Jen's family, a Shrek basketball hoop with soap from Aunt Amy's family and $10.00 from Gee Gee & Great Grandpa. He had a really good time and was happy to have a birthday party and likes to tell everyone he's 3!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Surgery

That's gonna leave one wicked scare

This is what my arm looked liked the day after my surgery April 30, 2008, pretty gross. I do not have stitches in my arm any more, they were in there for two and a half weeks. It is healing up pretty good. It is still very sensitive and hurts to flex my arm but will get better over time. I'm posting this because my mom never got to see what it looked like and also as a record for me, not that I will ever forget.

Girls will be girls!

The cows wondering whats going on?
The girls skinny dipping!

Since we have cows we have to go out to the ranch on the weekends to check on them and make sure they are all there. So this past weekend Shane the girls and his dad went out. I decided to stay home with Bowdy and get some cleaning done. When they got back Shane said look at the pictures I took, I'm thinking he got some good pictures of the cows right? Wrong, to my surprise it was the girls swimming in the watering hole for the cows! And might I add butt naked, this would have never happened if I had been there because me being the mom look at it as gross and full of germs but the girls did not seem to mind they had a blast and could care less what was in there. Shane said the cows didn't know what to think some of them just stared and some of them ran off. Wonder what they think of there watering hole now? I'm glad Shane had the camera to catch this moment. There are other pictures but I will not post them this was the only decent one. My girls skinny dipping already good thing they were out in the middle of no where! Whats next?

Summer Time Fun-2008

Cassidy soaking up the sun
Tatum taking in the ray's
Bowdy in his swimming shorts & boots
Chelcey being a bull on the trampoline
Since it was the last day of school the girls and Bowdy decided to play in the sprinklers and have a water balloon fight in the back yard. It was a warm sunny day which is rare here in Ramah. They had a lot of fun running through the sprinklers, throwing water balloons and jumping on the trampoline. After they were all done they laid out in the sun to dry off and the dogs could not resist but to lay with them. Tatum being the glam girl had her sunglasses on and Bowdy being the cowboy had his boots on. All to cute. Makes me wish I was a kid again.

Chelcey's 5th Grade Graduation & Last Day Of School-2008

Tatum and her friends
Cassidy and her friends
Chelcey and her teacher Mr. Phillips
On Thursday May 29th Chelcey graduated from the 5th grade. They have a graduation because they are leaving the Elementary School and going over to the High School, they can do that in a small town. It started off with a potluck dinner and moved on to the graduation in which Chelcey did not get her certificate because the teacher forgot her (some teacher right?) now I don't know how that happened when there is only 15 students in the whole 5th grade class but it happened. Needless to say that made me a little nervous because I thought she was not going on to the 6th grade, but she is and she did get her certificate the next day at school.
The girls are very excited that it is now summer and they can relax they did a lot of fun things the last day of school Chelcey's class was aloud to do what ever they wanted, Tatum's class got to have a toy party, and Cassidy's class had a pizza, root beer float and movie party. It is sad to see them grow older and move on to the higher grades. It's to bad we can't freeze time and keep them like this.

Father's and son's outing 2008

On May 9th Shane took Bowdy on the Father's and Son's outing. Bowdy was so excited to go because Shane had bought him and new sleeping bag, just his size, and a new camo camping shirt. They of course took the fifth wheel to sleep in even though Shane had bought a tent to sleep in. Shane said Bowdy had lots of fun playing with Jansen and TJ, eating lots of junk food and drinking Root Beer & Cream Soda (somethings I do not let him have at home but now he wants them all the time!) He also said Bowdy had a had time falling asleep that night, hmmm wonder why? Shane said that he had fun taking Bowdy because this was his fist time getting to go not being the son but the father. David went to because he took Jansen & TJ. Their dad's were not able to make it.