Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

Our Christmas week started off on Tuesday December 23rd we all went to Gallup to go to the Red Mesa lunch at Virgie's. Then we all headed to the mall to to some shopping the kids were buying gifts for the name that they had. We had decided to just stay in Gallup that night at a hotel because it had been snowing all day and our trip into Gallup was very slow with icy snow packed roads. We took the kids to see a movie it was, The Tale of Despereaux, very cute movie, they liked it. It's a good thing we stayed in Gallup that night because the next morning which was Christmas Eve I woke up with Strep Throat! So I made an appt. to see the doctor and got some medicine before we went home. We had dinner at Amy and Mike's house this year.
We had a great Christmas this year the kids all got what they really wanted. Chelcey being the hardest one to buy for this year was very happy with what she got, an I-Dog, Perfume, and Science stuff. Tatum got just what she wanted and that was some High School Musical stuff and a Easy Bake Oven. Cassidy wanted a lot of Hannah Montana stuff a jump rope and a Guitar. Bowdy being the easiest one to buy for wanted a Bucking Bull, Airplane and Speed Racer. As for me and Shane I didn't really need or want anything this year but I did get a new robe, slippers, some bath stuff and a trip to a Spa. Shane got a silver money clip, a new Shaver, PJ bottoms, Hugo Boss Cologne and After Shave, and a book on how to play the Guitar. The kids were all very excited Christmas morning that the girls were up at 1:00am went back to bed till 4:00am then camped out by the tree till 6:00am when they finally woke up Bowdy who came and woke us up to tell us that Santa had come. We woke up to a lot of snow so we had a White Christmas, it's the only time of the year that I don't care if it snows.

After the kids were done opening all there gifts and they played with them for awhile it was off to go build a big Snow Man!

What a great year we have had we are very blessed with the family we have and look forward to many more years with them they all grow so fast and make us laugh daily.

Our Family 2008

Chelcey 2008 Tatum 2008 Cassidy 2008 Bowdy 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cassidy's Holiday Dance

The little Dancers and the Cheer Leaders
With so many girls in this family there's bound to be a Dance/Cheer coach somewhere right? Well there is and that would be Aunt Jen, and also Aunt Starla who teaches dance class where she lives. Jen has been the Cheer/Dance coach at the High School for awhile now, really I don't know how long, sorry Jen. Jen was also a cheer leader while in high school and in college, so she is very qualified for the job. Well every now and then Jen will do a little cheer camp for the little girls in town and she does a good job at it. This year she got the girls together to do a Christmas dance during halftime of the boys varsity basketball game. Cassidy was the only one of my girls to do the dance Chelcey thought she was to old and Tatum had basketball practice during dance practice. Cassidy had a lot of fun, it's the other side of her that no one gets to see that often, the performer side or as I call it the show off side of her! Cassidy had 3 cousins that danced with her, JoeLi, Madison and of course Kennedy (Jen's little girl) and some of her friends, Rylie, Hannah, and Kourtney. There were 2 other girls but I don't know there names. Good job with the dance girls! And good job teaching them Jen!

Cassidy with Kennedy

All the cute girls taking a big bow

Tatum's first year playing Elementary Basketball

Tatum on the court. Her friend Baylie is behind her.
This is Tatum's first year playing basketball for the Elementary School. Now if anyone knows Tatum well enough you would know that she is all girl, so to watch her play is very funny, because she dances around the court like a ballerina, you will also see her cheering on the sideline or even while she is playing. At one of her games she was playing in she was playing against a friend of hers that she knows through all the rodeos she's been to and decided to put up a conversation with her while guarding her. There are at least 20 girls on the team and with it being elementary level they let them all play a certain amount of time. The coach is doing a good job at making sure that all the players get an equal amount of playing time. Tatum even has a good friend on her team named Baylie Daniels who is just like her. Tatum is enjoying basketball and is doing very good in it, she can even make a basket from the free throw line! Pretty good considering how short she is. Will see how it goes when she hits 8th grade and finds out that she can be a Cheer Leader. I think her basketball playing days will be all over. Her Aunt Jen will be so happy because she is the Cheer Leading coach!

She made this shot!
Go Tatum Go! her friend Baylie never far from her side.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Alabama Vacation

Bowdy's footprints in the sand.

This year for Thanksgiving we were able to got to Alabama to visit my family since we were already in Oklahoma it was a 1o hour drive there so we made plans to go. We got there on Saturday November 22nd and the kids were very excited to see there grandparents that they haven't seen in a year and a half. We were all very tired from the long trip but for me there was one thing I had to do before we all got settled down and that was to go watch the Twilight movie. We were only there for a couple of hours before I was at the theater. My mom and Chelcey came along with me. Chelcey has been begging me for weeks to let her come with me when the movie came out so I decided to let her go, she loved it and so did I. So with that out of the way...Look at the smile on her face. She was so excited to get this shirt

The next day we took the girls shopping at the mall they really liked that because we don't have a big mall in Gallup and theses girls like to shop, yes they take after me! On Tuesday we took the kids to the Beach to swim in the ocean Bowdy has never been to the ocean and was very excited to see so much water that he took off down the beach to the water and when he got there he jumped right in and started screaming "it's cold!" Yes it was very cold and the wind was blowing. My mom and Dad came with us, the ocean is only 30min's from there house. After we were all done with the beach it was time for something to eat so we went to a restaurant called Boudeans, classic for the south don't you think? That is were Chelcey ate some alligator, yes alligator! The girl will try anything once, she liked it and ate all of it!

The girls playing in the ocean.
Bowdy on the beach.

My Mom and Dad.

Me and Shane on the beach

The next few days we didn't do a whole lot we just hung out at my parents house, and on Thanksgiving we had a big dinner with my parents, PawPaw Jack, MiMi, Granny and my brother. We had so much food it was crazy! The kids also got a little extra surprise they got to open Christmas presents from there Granny and PawPaw.

Busy opening there stockings

The kids with there grandparents

We left the day after Thanksgiving to go back home we had been away from home for 12 days and even though we had a good time we were ready to be home so me and Shane were determined to make it home without stopping at a hotel. It is a 20 hour drive from my parents to home but we made it and rolled into Ramah at 2:00am and more than happy to be home. And as for Shane he only had a day at home before he was on the rode to Vegas for the NFR trade show where he will be for next 2 weeks!

Don't get to see this were we live. A swamp we drove through on the way home in the Bayou.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Huge End of the Trail statue

While in Shawnee we were only 30min's down the road from Oklahoma City. So on one of Cassidy's off days we drove over there and made a day of it. We went to the Cowboy Museum and the kids just loved that. They were so excited to see all the old Cowboy stuff and Shane loved the John Wayne room he was in there for like an hour! We also went over to the Oklahoma City Stock Yards the biggest and oldest in the country. We also went down town to shop and eat dinner at an old restaurant called Cattleman's Steak House were they cook there steaks from a fresh cut, they are never frozen! We had allot of fun and even got to go to Brokenbow Oklahoma were Lance and Jenni Bebo live for the night and spend a little time with Lance and the girls before we headed off to Alabama to visit my family for Thanksgiving. Thanks to Cassidy we had a nice family vacation.

Bowdy riding a big Longhorn Bull

Pedro, Sammy, Bowdy and Chelcey on some saddles

Tatum cooking at the Cowboy camp fire

Cassidy's Finals in Shawnee Oklahoma

As you all know Cassidy has worked really hard this year competing in woolie riding she made it to the finals in Shawnee Oklahoma. This was a very fun time for her she loves to ride sheep and has enjoyed it every step of the way she has been doing it for the past 3 years has has won 9 buckles, most of them this year. She won the last woolie riding she went to just before Oklahoma.

Cassidy really enjoyed being in Shawnee. Before each event when they would introduce the contestants they had loud music playing with fire it really made her fill like a superstar.

For the past 2 years Cassidy has wore a red felt hat she calls it her good luck charm, she has had all the PBR Bull riders sign it and wears it were ever she goes. She is known as the little girl with the red hat and everyone knows who she is.

Cassidy has had a great time this year and loves the sport of Rodeo so much that this will not be the end for her even though she has to retire from woolie riding because she has gotten to old and big for the sheep she'S ready for the next step, and no that is not going on to ride calves, or steers or bulls! It is her next love and that is horses. She has a new horse named Dove that we bought for her over the summer and she is ready to start Barrel racing which she has been doing for a couple of years now on her horse Fonzy but Fonzy isn't fast enough for this speedster she wants to go fast and win!

But even thought Cassidy is done woolie riding it's not the end she said she is going to train Bowdy and teach him all she knows so he can be a champ like her and believe me he can hardly wait!

Cassidy did not win in Shawnee but had fun being there it was a nice vacation for the whole family. Good job Cassidy we are all very proud of you. Keep looking to the stars and you will go far!

Halloween 2008

Alright so I'm a little behind on my blog but oh well! My motto is I'll get to it when I get to it! Anyways this year for Halloween the kids all had fun dressing up Shane was not here he was in Vegas for the PBR which seems like every year he is gone during this time. I think he's turning into his dad when it comes to this time of year! The day started off with the girls getting dressed in there costumes to go to school in. Tatum and Cassidy had a costume parade at there school with party's afterwards. That night we went to the church for Trunk or Treating in which the kids got way to much candy but still wanted to go Trick or Treating at some houses. The Halloween Carnival was also going on at the Elementary School but I some how convinced my kids not to go by saying they could go home watch a movie and eat candy and it worked! I know I'm a Halloween Scrooge when Shane's not here. For Halloween Chelcey was Little Dead Riding Hood she always has to be something gruesome! Tatum was a Beautiful Which of course not an ugly one. Cassidy was Hannah Montana wow shocker the girl is in love with her. And Bowdy was a NASCAR driver the boy loves NASCAR which is funny because neither me or Shane watch it, it must be bred into him my family are all big fans! They all had fun and ate way to much candy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our New Website

We have a new website it is still under construction, but it is getting there. You can only view the cows we have right now, the bulls are away for the winter and we will be taking pictures of them when they return in the spring and also some of the heifers and the calves they will be added to the website latter. We are very excited to finally be getting this done it has been a long process that is turning out just the way we planned. I can not take credit for the web site a very nice lady by the name of Sheri Emberton is doing it for us and she is doing a great job, we think it looks awesome! Shane happen to meet her husband over the summer and that's how we got in contact with her, they are super nice people. So if you want go and check it out the web address is: http://www.bowdybuckingbulls.com/ enjoy!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we carved our Pumpkin for Family Home Evening. The Daniels gave us a big Pumpkin on Sunday that they got from a pumpkin patch that there family went to on Saturday. "Thanks Daniels Family!" When Shane got home the kids were all excited to get started that he barely had enough time to eat. Since we only had one pumpkin Chelcey came up with the idea to have everyone draw one part of the pumpkin and so that no one would argue on who got what we drew parts out of a hat, smart! I got one eye and Chelcey got the other eye, Tatum got one half of the nose and Cassidy got the other half, which she matched to Tatum's, Dad and Bowdy got the mouth. Dad cut the top off and the kids dug in and got all the "gut's out", as they call it. Then when they were all done dad cut the face out. I think it turned out pretty good!
Dad cutting the face of the pumpkin out.

Bowdy looking at seed on his nose! Ha!

Our Pumpkin

Youth Temple Trip

On October 25th there was a Youth Temple trip planned to the Albuquerque Temple. Chelcey Had turned 12 the week before and was able to attend her first trip to the Temple to do baptisms. Me and Chelcey rode with her Uncle Tom and Aunt Christina to Albuquerque. Chelcey's Grandma and Grandpa also drove over. When we fist got there I could tell Chelcey was very nervous and as we got closer to the doors to go inside she said "I cant believe I get to go inside the Temple." When we got inside she said "Wow it's so pretty." Then we went to the waiting room and she was still nervous until she started to notice that everyone that was coming into the waiting room she knew. There was a lot of people there who could not believe she was 12! There was even two of her teachers from school there, one of them was doing some baptisms of her own. I was able to had towels to the youth as they exited the font which was good because I had a good view when it was Chelcey's turn, her Uncle Tom was the one doing the Baptizing when it was her turn and also the Confirming. I think that made her fill better and not nervous any more. When it was time to go we went outside to take pictures by the fountain she got really excited because her best friend Charlie was outside waiting for her mom and brother to come out. Chelcey gave her a big hug and said "I was inside the Temple!" When we left the Temple we went to the book store were she got a new bag for her scriptures and a CTR ring. Then we went to lunch at Chili's with Uncle Tom, Aunt Christina, Grandma & Grandpa. I am so glad that she was able to have this moment in her life to remember and that I was able to be there with her.

Red Ribbon Week

Cassidy as a Horse Trainer and Tatum as a Chef
Last week Tatum & Cassidy had Red Ribbon week at there school it's the week were all the kids at school get to dress or wear different things during the week to suport being drug free. I cant remember what was on certain day's but they had day's like put a cap on drugs wear a hat to school, one day was wear red, white and blue, on Friday they had wear as much red as you can day with a Drug free fun run around town. One of the day's was looking to the future without drugs and the kids had to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grew up Tatum dressed up as a Chef because when she grows up she wants to be a Chef, Cassidy dressed up as a Horse Trainer because that's what she want's to be when she grows up. I think this is there favorite part of the year because they get to wear something different to school but they were a little sad because they usally have PJ day and they did'nt this year they love to wake up and go to school in there PJ'S!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chelcey's 12th Birthday!

Chelcey and her Orange cake
Chelcey had her 12th Birthday on October 18th. She had her party on Friday October 17th. She said that for her birthday she wanted to have an orange and black party and invite 3 friends over to have a slumber party and hang out in the hot tub so we agreed to that. She invited her cousin Sydney, and her two best friends Charlie and Shelby. Shane took them up to the Stagecoach Cafe at 6:30pm and dropped them off there to have dinner all by them self's with no parents, they were all excited about that. When they were all done eating Chelcey called her dad on her new cell phone (one of her birthday presents) to come pick them up. They got back to the house and got in the hot tub and had a blast! After they were all done with the hot tub they came in and we sang happy birthday to Chelcey and had some cake and ice cream. The girls then all piled on the couch to watch, Tim Burton's, The Nightmare Before Christmas. They wanted to watch a scary movie but since there are no scary movies that are not rated under PG13 they had to settle for that. Then after the movie it was off to Chelcey's room to listen to music and be loud. I don't think they went to sleep until 3:00am! I found them all the next morning in the playroom sound asleep.
Shelby, Charlie, Bowdy, Sydney, Chelcey, Tatum, & Cassidy
Chelcey also wanted to have a pumpkin pinata filled with candy bars, but the nigh of her party it was to late to break it open so the next morning, the day of her birthday, when all the girls were awake we let them break it open.
Chelcey swinging at the pinata
Charlie breaking open the pinata
Chelcey and her friends had a lot of fun at the party. Chelcey said it was the best birthday party she has ever had! I'm just glad it was a nice sunny fall day because they stayed outside a lot too.
It's hard to think that she is 12 years old, she reminded me that next year she will be 13 a teenager! And I said I didn't even want to think about that because in 6 years she will 18 and going off to college! My how time flies....

Our new Toy!

So since we built the house Shane has been saying for the longest time that he wanted to get a Hot Tub. Well about 2 weeks ago all his planning finally paid off:The Kids and Shane in the Hot Tub
We are loving the Hot Tub! I never thought that having one would be so much fun and relaxing all at the same time! I think the kids are enjoying it the most, that's all they want to do now. It's turning out to be quite the deal breaker, whenever I tell the girls to get there chores done they are right on top of it because they know when there dad gets home if there not done they will get no Hot Tub time. Will see how long it that last! Bowdy is loving it too it's just the right size for him, like a swimming pool.Bowdy in the Hot Tub

(I took the pictures at night so that's why they are dark)

We also finally finished our back yard it has been our three year project and now it is all done just in time for winter. We will be so happy next summer to be able to go outside and enjoy it and not have to do anything, well I'm sure we will think of something else to do back there it just wont be of the building type more like yard work which I enjoy the most. Now to get the front yard looking as nice as the back. It's a never ending process!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tatum's Letter to the "Tooth Fairy"

I know I have posted blogs about Chelcey, Cassidy, & Bowdy. But I have not posted much about Tatum. She is the quiet one, the one who sits back and you can almost forget about her if your not careful. She is very happy to just spend time by herself in her room listening to music and loves to read. She does very well on her school work and I usually never have to help her with homework. She is a 9 year old Princess going on a 18 year old Prom Queen! She loves dress up, makeup, fixing her hair and always has to be fashionable no matter where she's going, and can you say Drama Queen!! She loves to cook and has asked that for Christmas if she can have kitchen stuff, she wants to be a chef when she grows up and loves going to her grandmas to bake goodies.
This past Wednesday she lost a tooth and said she was going to write the "Tooth Fairy" a letter. and what she wrote cracked me and Shane up it went like this:
Dear Tooth Fairy,
Can you please, please give me $150.00. It would be my first time having $150.00. I would not ask for any more money. My big sister Chelcey got $150.00 so why can't I get $150.00? It would make me so happy so can you give me $150.00 please, please, pretty please, pretty please! My mom and dad wont give me any money so can you give me $150.00 please, please, it would make me so happy pretty please.
Your Friend,
Tatum Cheyenne Evans
I thought that was so funny! And about Chelcey getting $150.00 I can't believe she remembered that, well I can because Tatum remembers everything, but she was like 3 years old when that happened! It was a joke that Shane played on Chelcey. Because Chelcey asked if the "Tooth Fairy" would give her a $150.00 and Shane said maybe if you promise to buy some hay with it for the horses, and she promised. Well after the "Tooth Fairy" came and left Chelcey a dollar Shane put $150.00 under her pillow and the next morning Chelcey said "here dad the Tooth Fairy left me one dollar for my tooth and $150.00 to buy hay for the horses" He told Chelcey that it was a joke and she though it was funny. Well we must have never told Tatum about that because she really thought that Chelcey got that much money from the "Tooth Fairy" so she was going to get $150.00 from the "Tooth Fairy" too. Sorry Tatum the "Tooth Fairy's" not that rich!

Tatum on her 9th Birthday

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You Tube!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we set up a You Tube account so we could post videos of the bulls bucking. There is also a video of Cassidy riding a woolie in Crownpoint, NM. So if you would like to check it out the web address is http://www.youtube.com/BowdyBuckingBulls There are 8 videos on there now and I will add more as time goes on so check it out whenever you get the chance.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bowdy & Kennedy Future Homecoming King & Queen?

Bowdy & Kennedy
I know Jen already posted pictures of Bowdy & Kennedy at the homecoming game but I wanted to post some of my own because I think they are so cute. I got a new camera because my other one decided to break so there for some of the pictures are a little dark because I forgot to turn the back light on, but they still turned out good almost like black and white pictures.
Bowdy was so excited to be on the Football Field and hold Mustang Sally's hand. I went and bought him a new suit because his old one was getting to small and I think he looked so handsome.