Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fourth of July Rodeo 2008

Tatum & Chelcey Barrel Racing

My Little Cowgirl & Cowboy

Cassidy Goat Tying

Look at her hang on!

Cassidy Woolly Riding

I know I'm a little late at posting this but at least it's getting posted. To start things off I completely forgot my camera while we were gone for the 4th of July weekend, so I have pictures but they are the one's that the photographer took, and not me, but they will do. I just don't have any fun shot's but that's okay. The girl's competed in the Grant's 4th of July Rodeo on Sunday July 6, 2008. The rodeo started on the 3rd and lasted till the 6th. Chelcey did the barrel racing and got a no time because she broke the pattern, she tends to get a little nervous in a crowd and she also did pole bending where you have to weave your horse through 6 pole's and did very well in that. Tatum also did barrel racing and had a long time of 56 seconds, she is very care full when she is doing the barrels so she dose not knock them over. She also did the poles and got a time of 30 seconds a good time for her. Cassidy is the all around girl she rode a woolly and got a score of 43 which won her third place and won $45.00 she did the barrels in 25 seconds, the poles in 26 seconds and goat tying with a no time it was her first time goat tying and she kinda had a hard time with it, but knowing her she will work on it till she gets it right, she is not a quitter. Bowdy just hung out with me and had about 8 snow cones. I figured since they were only a dollar and not really a junk food and it kept him busy they were fine, he loved everyone of them mostly the blue one's. They all had a really good time. We stayed in a hotel with an indoor swimming pool and they really liked that.

While I am posting this I will also add that Cassidy was chosen to be in the Wild Thing Bull Riding Half time show on July 11,2008 (this is her third time being chosen for this event) as a woolly riding champion they choose kids in the area that are doing good in woolly riding and let them show everyone has it's done and if they get a good score they win a buckle, Cassidy was the first rider out and she drew the black sheep of the group and it was a fast sheep and she fell off and didn't get a time she also got stepped on by the sheep she said the sheep left her a tattoo because now she has a bruise on her butt where the sheep stepped on her. She was not mad that she did not win and even shook the kids hand that won and told him congratulations. She really is a good sport. She said later when she got in the car that it's okay she didn't win because she has like 9 champion buckles at home and will win the one's at our rodeo in a couple of weeks. I will post pictures of Cassidy at Wild Thing later when I get them back.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

13 Years

Today is mine and Shane's anniversary we have been married for 13 years. Me and Shane met 3 months after I turned 16 in 1993, he was 18 so my parents thought he might be to old for me but I didn't care because I thought he was cute. I thought I would never believe in love at fist sight, but it is true. When I fist met Shane and we went on our fist date I knew that I would marry him, he probably didn't think that, but I did. Our fist date was with his brother Joe and a friend of mine named Sarah he said I could bring a friend along if I wanted to so he brought his brother along as her date. We wanted to go to a certain restaurant but we could not find it and had to settle for Burger King instead and then we went to the movies and was Aladdin. Shane proposed to me on the 4th of July 1994 with fireworks going off overhead I never expected it because I was starting my Senior year of high school that August and he was moving back to Ramah (I guess he had enough of Las Vegas)So as he moved back to Ramah I stayed in Vegas to finish school and plan the wedding. Shane came back as much as he could to visit me and he also took me to my Senior Prom. I graduated on May 20, 1995 and we were married on July 1, 1995 we had the wedding at the church in Vegas because my family is not members of the church and I wanted them to be involved. We were sealed in the Las Vegas Temple on January 13, 1996. Our fist baby was born 9 months after we went to the temple.

Now it has been 13 years and we have a pretty good size family, a home that we built, a barn full of animals and a company. I always said that by the time I was 30 I would be done having kids, and I did just that.