Monday, March 30, 2009


Chelcey was so excited to go to the Twilight movie release. So I decided to make a day out of it for her and me. On Friday morning after I took the girls to school I headed off to Gallup to pre-order the movie and get a room at the Hampton Inn. (The nicest hotel in Gallup) Then I came back home and waited for the girls to get out of school. Me and Chelcey got all packed up to go back into Gallup for the night. Chelcey likes Cracker Barrel so that is were we had dinner. Then we went over to the hotel and went swimming and sat in the hot tub. Then it was time to get ready to go over to Hot Topic.

Chelcey all ready to go

Mom and Chelcey

Chelcey had a great time getting to shop at Hot Topic and hanging out with her mom we had a blast together! The next day we just spent the day shopping around and hanging out.

Chelcey with the Edward poster and her movie

Chelcey doing her best Jasper impression

Chelcey leaving Hot Topic with her loot


Carl and Starla said...

LOVE the glove, darling! (in the last picture!) How fun to have a Mother/Daughter weekend! What a blast for Chelcey & I bet she will never forget how cool her mom was to do that with her! Love the Jasper impression. Wish we lived closer to girls are too young to go to the Hot Topic party, but I sure would use my nieces as a good excuse to HAVE to go if I were there! ha! ha!

Gibbons said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. I wish i could stay up past 10 I would have gone with you all how fun!

Carl and Starla said...

Hey, did you get the present yet in the mail?

John and Brandy said...

You update about as often as I do! Looks like we will be seeing you in a little over a are you guys doing?